Hometalk Affiliate Program

Hometalk has a widget toward the bottom of most posts that contain affiliate links to Amazon. Our goal here is to make it easy for our readers to acquire all of the materials they need to complete a project and to empower them to create the home they love. This means that for every person who clicks on a link to Amazon from a project, if they make a purchase, Hometalk receives a portion of that commission.


If you sign up to participate in the program, you will become our equal partner and receive 50% of that commission.  We don't expect it to generate very significant revenue at the outset, but it will get you whitelisted as a revenue partner and therefore eligible to participate in future revenue-based programs in addition to generating some nice pocket money here and there when you post to Hometalk!


If you wish to participate in the Affiliates program, then please visit the account status page in your profile settings in order to opt-in to receive your share of the revenue! And if you aren't interested in having these affiliate links on your posts, that's OK too! But be sure to visit the link above to opt-out. It takes just a second.  Note: this can’t be done on a phone.

How it works

  1. We collect, on average, a 6% commission on those sales (Amazon pays us a commission on whatever the user purchased within 24 hours of clicking on that link), and we will pay you 50% of that commission.

  2. If you would like a report of how much revenue was generated by your posts on Hometalk, feel free to shoot us an email! karaw@hometalk.com

  3. Amazon releases the affiliate revenue 60 days after it was earned, meaning, if you earn affiliate revenue in January, you won't see it until April at the earliest.

  4. The minimum threshold for payout is $40 and we will send you your commission via Paypal no more than once per month. Any money earned under the threshold will carry over into the next month.

  5. In order for people to click your links, they need to see your posts. To learn more about how to make that happen, check out our webinar series on featurability!

Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t want Hometalk to add any links to my posts?

Just visit account status in your profile settings and choose the opt-out option.

I didn't opt-in but I'm still seeing those links on my post- what's up with that?

You have to actually opt-out to have the links removed. Once you do, your posts will go back to the way they were, with the old materials section (no links and no photos)

Do posts with affiliate links count towards my feature in the Blogger Traffic Program?

Yes! The Affiliates Program is just another way for all of us to bring greater value to those who are inspired by your content on Hometalk, and make some money along the way.

What does the materials section look like with the widget?

Check out this post to see.

What if I already put my own affiliate links in my Hometalk posts?

You will still be able to add up to two links in your post that can link to whatever you want (your blog, or your own affiliate links). However, the materials section at the bottom of the page, will only display Hometalk’s affiliate links (of which you will receive half the revenue if you opt-in).

What if I purchased the item at a local shop? Will the Affiliated link only be to Amazon?

At this time, Hometalk is only adding links to Amazon. So if you added an item that you bought at a local shop, we will find the same or similar item on Amazon, and link to it, to make it easier for people to do the project.

Where will I receive information about invoicing?

We will send your invoice information to the email associated with Paypal. If that is different from the email you use for Hometalk, be sure to keep an eye out!