Creator Team


Amanda Gerow

Senior Community Manager
Hometalk, Foodtalk, Upstyle & Simplify

I manage the Blogger Traffic Programs for the blogger communities at Hometalk, Foodtalk, Upstyle & Simplify. I also work with our members of the YouTube program for Simplify.

I love helping our bloggers grow & reach to new audiences with the Hometalk family of sites. 

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Aimee Bercovici

Community Manager
Hometalk & Foodtalk

I run the Creator Rewards Programs on Hometalk & Foodtalk.

I love working with our DIY content creators and helping them share their ideas and grow their following. 


Christina Barron

Community Manager

I oversee the Creator Rewards Program, YouTube Program, and Blogger Traffic Program for Upstyle.

I have a passion for fashion and love working with creators and helping them share their beautiful ideas on Upstyle."


Miriam Illions

Co-founder / CMO

I oversee the creator and video teams at Hometalk where we collaborate with incredible influencers and content creators to produce and distribute DIY tutorials and videos across Hometalk, Inc. platforms.

I love working with content creators to help them grow through Hometalk!