Community Team


Miriam Illions

Co-founder / CMO

I dream up and launch innovative new products to serve the incredible influencers and creators of the Hometalk community with a current focus on video, HometalkTV, and collaborative partnerships. I believe we are all creators of our own experience, and here at Hometalk I get to help myself and others create our dreams together! 


Rachel Jonas

Upstyle Community Manager

I am the point of reference for the Upstyle community, including Bloggers, Vloggers and Influencers. I also source and reach out to new community members. I love speaking to our community members and helping them with any questions that come up along the way.


Nicole Pantanowitz

Community Manager

Blogger Programs

I work on fostering strong relationships between the Influencers and Hometalk to help give Influencers all the tools they need to empower others to create. I manage the Blogger Traffic Program and I love feeling inspired by the amazing DIY projects I see every day. 

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Aimee Bercovici

Community Manager
Instagram & Pinterest Programs

I work with DIY influencers in helping them to share their ideas and grow their following. I currently run our Instagram Influencer program and our Pinterest Partnerships program. 


Hayley Breshears

Production Manager HometalkTV

I'm HometalkTV's production manager and DIY fanatic. I connect amazing influencers and brands with our live audience of DIY-lovers who are hungry for ideas and ready to be inspired!