Content Scoring System

In part 1 of our content webinar series, we talk all about how we "score" the content on Hometalk on a scale from 0-2. Here's a handy guide for what each score means:

This kind of post will essentially get hidden from the site

"Buy this thing"


Examples: recipes, clothing, body care etc...

Non-home & garden content

Examples: only 1 photo, don't know what was done, not inherently useful

No useful information given


Quality Score

This kind of post can be found in search, but is not featurable

Has fewer than 4 photos and fewer than 180 words

Doesn't meet technical needs

Leaves out final step. No before/after photo. Blurry/dark photos

Doesn't meet content needs

Examples: house tours, round-up posts

Not a tutorial


Quality Score

This kind of post can be found in search and on homepage, is featurable and qualifies for the Blogger Traffic Program

Has at least 4 photos and at least 180 words

Meets technical needs

All the steps and details necessary to replicate the project are present

Meets content needs

Has clear and quality images, has a before and complete after photo

Meets image needs


Quality Score

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