Team leaders

Miriam Illions

Co-founder / CMO

I dream up and launch innovative new products to serve the incredible influencers and creators of the Hometalk community with a current focus on video, HometalkTV, and collaborative partnerships. I believe we are all creators of our own experience, and here at Hometalk I get to help myself and others create our dreams together! 

Kara Wurtzel

Head of Content Acquisition

Blogger Partnerships Manager

I work on fostering strong relationships between the Influencers and Hometalk to help give Influencers all the tools they need to empower others to create. I manage the Blogger Traffic Program and Branded Content Programs at Hometalk, as well as oversee all content acquisition. I love working with YOU!

Kara Schwartz

Director of Video

I'm Hometalk's video guru, DIYer by birth, and organizational enthusiast by choice. I showcase the talents of the Hometalk community on our social platforms through videos, in hopes to inspire viewers to create spaces they've only dreamed about. 

Hayley Breshears

Production Manager HometalkTV

Kara Schwartz

Community Manager
Instagram & Pinterest Programs

I work with DIY influencers in helping them to share their ideas and grow their following. I currently run our Instagram Influencer program and our Pinterest Partnerships program. 

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