Foodtalk Blogger Traffic Program

How does it work?


The Blogger Traffic Program is an incentive program for bloggers who regularly share high-quality content with the Hometalk community. For every 3 recipes you share on Foodtalk, we’ll feature you in a direct feature in our daily newsletter, with a link back to your blog. Featured bloggers see an average of 2k+ clicks to their blog, which will translate to a boost in revenue and more subscribers. We’ll even show you how!

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What is a direct feature?

A direct feature is when a link to your recipes on your blog, not your recipe on Fooodtalk, is included in Foodtalk’s daily email. Our daily email goes out to over 1M users, and a direct feature can result in anywhere from 1k- 3k new page views!

How to qualify for a direct feature

In order to receive your direct feature, you’ll need to upload 3 quality recipes to Foodtalk to be eligible for a feature. 

What is a quality recipe?

Our goal at Foodtalk is to share recipes that are easy to make, delicious, and accessible to every person. The best way to engage the Foodtalk audience is by sharing the very best complete recipes with them. On our end, a high-quality recipe is marked as "Quality Score 2."

To be considered QS2, a recipe must:

1. Include a 100-word description of the recipe

2. Include a minimum of 3 photos, one must be of the full finished dish

3. Include a complete ingredient list and full instructions​

You can include 2 links of your choice in the body of your recipe (back to your blog, your Instagram channel, or affiliate links)


Here’s a great example of a quality score 2 recipe by Christine Ma that hits all these criteria: Pull Apart Pizza Bread.


So now that you know WHAT to do, here’s HOW to do it :)

How to share a recipe on Foodtalk

Click "+ post recipe" in the top right corner. You'll be taken to our posting process where you will be able to add your tutorial.

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How to edit a post on Foodtalk

Want to make some changes? No problem! Click on the three dots next to your recipe title, and you’ll see the option to “Edit post”. 

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Don’t forget to add your direct feature links!

Once you have posted 3 recipes to Foodtalk, make sure to add in your direct feature links. These are 3 links to any recipe on your blog for our content team to choose from when they pick your direct feature. These CAN be the same as the recipes on Foodtalk, but we recommend adding in some new ones as well that our audience hasn’t seen yet. 


To add in your blog links, hover over your profile picture, and choose “My Dashboard”.

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Scroll down to this section, and add in 3 links and click “update”. Make sure your blog links match your blog exactly how you entered it at the top of the page (ie: www. or https:// or http://)

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When our team chooses your feature link and schedules your feature, you’ll get an email from us letting you know which link has been chosen to be featured on what date. 


If the content team feels that something is missing from your recipe, they’ll mark it with a reason, and you’ll get an email letting you know that you’ll need to add something to bring your post up to a quality score 2. (You can also see this on your dashboard as well).

More on Dashboards


Your blogger dashboard is also the best place to check on the status of your recipes, your feature links, and your feature status. 


To check the quality score of your recipes, you can take a look at your dashboard, but clicking on “My Dashboard” under your profile picture. Make sure you choose “Blogger” from the dashboard tabs if you have more than one tab showing. 


Here you’ll be able to see your Feature Status (if you are in the queue for a feature, or if you still don’t have enough qualifying posts), and when you qualified for your last feature. You’ll also be able to see which recipes have qualified towards your next feature.

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Frequently asked questions

How much traffic should I expect?

This varies from blogger to blogger. We typically see anywhere from 1k - 3k views on any given recipe!

When should you expect to get featured and how often?

You can be featured as frequently as once a month (assuming you post 3 recipes every 30 days). You are added to the queue as soon as your 3rd recipe qualifies, and typically you are featured within the following week. This timeline depends on the length of the queue at the time, though, so it can take up to 3 weeks to receive your feature.

How will I know if my Foodtalk recipe qualifies for a feature?

You can see the status of all of your recipes on the blogger dashboard! To find your dashboard, just hover over your profile photo and click "my dashboard." Then make sure you are on the "blogger" tab. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see if your recipe qualifies, and if not, why. If you decide to fix the issue, make sure to click "update" once you're finished so our content team can review and rescore it! Note: Eligible recipes, that have not already been used to qualify you for a feature, will expire after 1 year.

How will I know if I was featured?

We have several emails that will notify you regarding your feature- one a few days before (so that you can prepare, and optimize your blog post for the extra traffic) and one the day of! Make sure you are signed up to receive those emails by checking the box marked "Blogger Traffic Program Emails" in your email settings here.

Can I join the Instagram Program and the Blogger Traffic Program?

At this time, you can join one program or the other. If you’d like to switch programs at any time, please let Amanda or Aimee know: or