The Pinterest Influencer program was designed for high-performing influencers, enabling them to earn revenue by pinning content from Foodtalk. We offer a library of curated Pins so that each influencer can choose the content that is suited for their audience, and a dashboard to track all the clicks and earned revenue. 

As we qualify influencers for the program, we look at the following criteria

1. # of followers

2. A minimum of 1M monthly views

3. Relevant boards

 4.  Passion for high-performing Pins

 5.  Open-minded for strategy optimizations

How it works

You pin Foodtalk pins to your Pinterest boards, and those pins are then tracked so you will earn a passive revenue based on the number of times people click through to Foodtalk via these pins.


In this program, we offer an $8 CPM: for every 1,000 clicks the pin gets, you get $8! You can track your earnings and clicks in your personal dashboard.

Sign up for the program here! If you have any questions, feel free to email

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Tailwind to schedule Foodtalk pins?

Yes! You can connect Tailwind to our library and schedule out the pins so you don’t have to manually pin every day.

How do I get paid each month?

Your revenue is tracked on your own personal dashboard. Once you reach $50, you can be paid via Paypal. At the beginning of each month, we send you an email with the amount you are owed and you then send back an invoice via Paypal. Invoice requests need to be sent in by the 15th of the month, and you are then paid on the 20th.

Helpful Resources

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Pinterest Influencer Program