What is a quality post?

Our goal at Foodtalk is to connect people with recipes that are delicious and doable. The best way to engage this audience is by sharing the highest quality content with them. On our end, a high-quality post is marked as "Quality Score 2."



To be considered QS2, a post must:

  1. Include a recipe story or introduction of at least 100 words

  2. Include a full list of ingredients

  3. Provide a full set of instructions so that someone can make your dish

  4. Includes 3 beautiful, well-lit, staged photos

  5. Must have a great quality photo of the finished recipe

  6. Can include 2 external links of your choice (back to your blog or affiliate links, etc.)

Here’s a great example of a quality, engaging Foodtalk post by Kaylene at Sage to Silver.

For more on quality scoring, check out our scoring chart here.

In order to receive your feature, you must have three blog posts saved on your dashboard. Your dashboard can be found by hovering over your profile and selecting “My Dashboard” in the drop-down menu. It’s important to add the links to your dashboard so that our content managers can select one of your direct blog links to be used in our email. Without them, you may still qualify, but won't receive your feature.

How to add your blog links:

Hover over your profile image and click "My Dashboard." Input your blog name at the top and three blog links of your choice in the blog links section. The links must match the url that you've listed above exactly, even down to the www or the https.

Asset 2@2x-8.png

Be sure to include "featurable" links here so that you don't delay your direct feature in the email.

A featurable link must:

  1. Be a recipe (not home & garden or fashion post)

  2. Have a beautiful photo of your dish

  3. Be seasonally appropriate

  4. Be written in English

Foodtalk Quality Scores

Quality Score 0

This type of post will be hidden from the site for one of the following reasons:

Quality Score 1

This type of recipe is almost there! It won't be displayed on the site yet because of one of the following reasons:

- Ingredient list is incomplete
- Photos are not high-quality
- After photo of dish is missing
- Instructions are incomplete

This recipe post can be found in a search, on our homepage, and may qualify for the Blogger Traffic Program

- Includes a recipe description (min. 100 words)
- Includes a complete list of ingredients
- Includes a complete list of instructions
- Includes complete recipe details
- Has 3 high-quality, beautiful photos and an amazing "after" photo of the complete dish
- Can have up to 2 hyperlinks within the post

Quality Score 2

- It's not a recipe
- It's not relevant to food and recipes
- It is considered spam or stolen content

Frequently asked questions

When should you expect to get featured and how often?

You can be featured as frequently as once a month (assuming you post 3 QS2 projects every month). You are added to a queue as soon as your 3rd post qualifies, and typically you are featured within the following week. This timeline depends on the length of the at the time, and it can take up to 2 weeks to receive your feature.

How much traffic should I expect?

That will vary from blogger to blogger. We typically see anywhere from 2k - 8k views on any given post!

How will I know if my Foodtalk post qualifies towards a feature?

You can see the status of all of your posts on the blogger dashboard! To find your dashboard, just hover over your profile photo and click "My dashboard." Then make sure you are on the "Blogger" tab. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see if your post qualifies for the program, and if not, why. If you decide to fix the issue, make sure to click "update" once you're finished, so our content team can review and rescore it!

How will I know if I was featured?

We have several emails that will notify you regarding your feature- one a few days before (so that you can optimize your blog), and one the day of! Make sure you are signed up to receive those emails by checking the box marked "Blogger Traffic Program Emails" in your email settings here.

My blog is in a foreign language. Do I qualify for the Foodtalk Traffic Program?

Currently, we are only featuring bloggers whose blogs are in the English language. We will keep you updated about future plans to expand the program.

I have two Foodtalk profiles with separate blogs. Can I participate in the traffic program with both domains?

We love your enthusiasm! Absolutely! Just let us know at karaw@hometalk.com, so that we can mark you down for both blogs.

Do I have to include my full recipe on Foodtalk?

That's totally up to you! In order to qualify for the Blogger Traffic Program, we do ask for the complete recipe with the full instructions and ingredient list. We do understand that there are bloggers who want to send traffic back to their blogs, and that's totally fine! Your post on Foodtalkdaily.com may still get featured in our email, but in order to qualify for our Blogger Traffic program, we ask that you submit 3 full recipes. Please feel free to email karaw@hometalk.com with any questions or comments!

Will Foodtalk compete with my blog for SEO traffic?

No worries! We de-index all blogger posts on Foodtalk so that we do not compete for the same content. Additionally, we do not want Google to see Foodtalk's content as "duplicate" content of your original blog post.

Why Foodtalk Daily?

The Foodtalk newsletter goes out daily to 1.5 million subscribers, and boasts a 14% open rate as well as a 15% click-through rate. Generating tens of thousands of clicks a day and spreading delicious inspiration, the Foodtalk newsletter is made up of great recipes shared by food influencers (just like you!)

The Blogger Traffic Program is an incentive program for food bloggers who regularly share high-quality content with the Foodtalk community. In exchange for sharing 3 “Quality Posts” on Foodtalkdaily.com, we will feature a direct link to your blog in our daily email.


Featured bloggers see upwards of 2k+ views each time, and the traffic translates into new subscribers. If your blog is monetized, you’ll see an increase in revenue as well. Read on to learn how to qualify and earn your direct feature!

What is a direct feature?

A direct feature is when a link to your blog post, not your post on Foodtalk, is included in the daily email. A direct feature can result in 2k+ new page views! We hope to see this number grow as Foodtalkdaily.com grows, too.

How to create a post on Hometalk:

Sign in to www.foodtalkdaily.com. If you’re already a member of Hometalk.com, you can use your same login-in info to sign in to Foodtalk! To post a project, click "+ Post project" in the top right corner. You'll be taken to our posting process where you will be able to add your recipe.

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Foodtalk Blogger Traffic Program