Hometalk DIY Contributor Hub

At Hometalk, we strive to work together with you, the Influencers,

to help empower others to create. The following programs have been designed with you in mind. 

Our goal at Hometalk is bringing eyes to your content, through our strong distribution channels, while helping you grow your brand and following.

Our Hometalk Programs


NEW! The Branded

Content Program

Create content for Hometalk on behalf of some of the most well-known brands in the industry!

HometalkTV -

Apply to become a host!

Become a host and grow your following through creating crafts and DIY videos! 


Blogger Traffic


Share your projects on Hometalk to get your blog featured in the Hometalk daily newsletter!


Instagram Influencer


Boost your Insta following by sharing projects on Hometalk and getting Instagram features!


Pinterest Influencer


Join our syndication program and get paid for sharing Hometalk’s content on Pinterest!


Pinterest Opt-In Program

In this program, you can opt in your content to earn passive revenue and gain more visibility on your posts