Foodtalk Quality Scores

Quality Score 2

This recipe can be found in a search and on our homepage, and it may qualify for the Instagram Program

- Includes a recipe description (min. 100 words)
- Includes a complete list of ingredients
- Includes a complete list of instructions
- Includes complete recipe details
- Has 3 high-quality, beautiful photos and an amazing "after" photo of the complete dish
- Can have up to 2 hyperlinks within the post

Quality Score 1

This type of recipe is almost there! It won't be displayed on the site yet because of one of the following reasons:

- Ingredient list is incomplete
- Photos are not high-quality
- After photo of dish is missing
- Instructions are incomplete

Quality Score 0

This type of post will be hidden from the site for one of the following reasons:

- It's not a recipe
- It's not relevant to food and recipes
- It is considered spam or stolen content

The Instagram Influencer program was designed for Influencers who post delicious and doable content on their feed, enabling them to grow their following by posting their content on


In exchange for posting 3 "Quality Score 2" recipes on in one calendar month, we offer a number of incentives including a monthly gift valued at $40-$50 (or a $50 Amazon gift card!) features in our daily email newsletter, and features in our Instagram feed.

Note: The Instagram Influencer Program is currently open only to Influencers who are not part of the Blogger Traffic Program 

As we qualify influencers for the program, we look at the following criteria:

  1. Content is food-related and suitable for the Foodtalk community

  2. Passion for delicious food and recipes

  3. Beautiful quality images 

What is a quality post?

Our goal at Foodtalk is to connect people with recipes that are delicious and doable. The best way to engage this audience is by sharing the highest quality content with them. On our end, a high-quality post is marked as "quality score 2."

To be considered QS2, a post must fit the following criteria:

  1. Include a recipe story or introduction of at least 100 words

  2. Include a full list of ingredients

  3. Provide a full list of instructions (conveys all recipe details)

  4. Includes 3 photos

  5. Must have a great quality photo of the finished product

  6. Can include 2 links of your choice

Here’s a great example of a quality, engaging Foodtalk post by Albana @uncomplicatedchef

Instagram Influencer Program


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