How does it work?


The Instagram Influencer program was designed for Influencers who post DIY content on their feed, enabling them to grow their following by posting their content on In exchange for posting 2 "Quality Score 2" project tutorials on Hometalk in one calendar month, we offer a monthly gift/gift card valued at $50, features in our daily email newsletter, and features in our Instagram story and feed.

Who can join the program?

As we qualify influencers for the program, we look at the following criteria

1. Their Instagram content is DIY related and suitable for the Hometalk community

2. Passion for DIY tutorials

3. Beautiful quality images

What is a “Quality Score 2” post?

Our goal at Hometalk is to connect people with ideas that will inspire them to create the home they love. The best way to engage this audience is by sharing the highest quality content with them. On our end, a high-quality post is marked as "Quality Score 2."

To be considered QS2, a post must fit the following criteria

1. Be within the realm of home and garden (no recipes or fashion)

2. Be a step-by-step DIY tutorial (no house tours or round-up posts)

3. Include in-process photos to show the steps of the project

4. Have at least 180 words and 4 photos

5. Include a before photo and a beautiful after photo

6. Include a full description of what you accomplished in your post

7. Include enough instruction so that the reader can understand what you did and generally replicate your project.

If the content team feels that something is missing from your post, they’ll mark it with a reason, and you’ll get an email letting you know that you’ll need to add something to bring your post up to a quality score 2.

Here’s a great example of a quality, engaging Hometalk post by Amanda of Dwelling In Happiness.

For more on quality scoring, check out our scoring chart here.

How to create a post on Hometalk

Click "+ post project" in the top right corner. You'll be taken to our posting process where you will be able to add your tutorial.

How to edit a post on Hometalk 

Want to make some changes? No problem! Click on the three dots next to your project title, and you’ll see the option to “Edit post”. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I join the Instagram Program and the Blogger Traffic Program?

At this time, you can join one program or the other. If you’d like to switch programs at any time, please let Kara or Aimee know: or

How do I receive the gift card?

On the first of each month, we email all of our contributors who posted 2 QS2 posts during the previous month, to let them know that they are eligible for the gift card. The gift cards take 1-2 weeks to process and they are sent directly to your email address. We offer gift cards from Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and Amazon UK (depending on your location).


Instagram Influencer Program