HometalkTV - bring your DIY tutorials

to a live audience!

Do you love creating DIY videos and teaching people how to make awesome projects through visual steps? We’d love to hear from you! 


HometalkTV is our new interactive video platform where influencers create step by step video tutorials to guide viewers through a project on screen. The shows are pre-recorded. You film at home or in your studio, send in the footage, and join your viewers online in the comments when your show premieres! 


Quick facts about the HometalkTV opportunity:

  • We’re looking for hosts with prior video experience who are interested in working together on an ongoing basis 

  • Videos are typically 15 - 30 minutes long depending on the project

  • We cover a broad range of home decor and crafts

  • We provide in-depth guidance and ongoing feedback to our hosts so you always shine on the big screen!

  • This is a compensated opportunity  


Sounds like your dream gig? Fill out this form to apply today. We look forward to hearing from you!






Lynn Lily shows viewers how to make adorable plaid pillows on HometalkTV!