Brands are joining our Branded Content program....are you?

We've got some exciting Hometalk news for you! Over the past few months, we've received a lot of feedback from bloggers wanting us to match you with brands for paid branded content opportunities on Hometalk. We've been hard at work, together with Karianne Woods of Thistlewood Farms, creating a new program for Hometalk bloggers to do just that!

How to work with brands? 

KariAnne covers it all here in Hometalk's latest webinar, How to Work with Brands

How does the program work? 

When a brand gets in touch with Hometalk about a new product they’d like to share,  we reach out to you, the Influencers, with the product information. You tell us about a project you’d like to create to help the brand promote their product in a creative, engaging post. The brand then chooses the Influencers that they feel are the best fit for this opportunity. The brand will ship their product directly to you, and you’ll create a project using the product. Once the project is complete, you’ll upload the project post to Hometalk, and Hometalk will share the post on our channels. This is a paid offer, and you’ll get a fee for your post. 

Is this a good fit for you?

If you're an awesome content creator (and I know you are!), have a fast email turn around time, and like to get paid for your work, the answer is "Yes!" 

Who is running this program?

We're SUPER excited to have KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms onboard heading up this project as a Hometalk Ambassador! Once you're selected for this program, KariAnne will match you with a brand and will help guide you through the process.

How soon should I expect to get an opportunity?

We are still in the early stages of launching the program and while we are super optimistic and excited by the results we've seen so far, we expect it will take some time to ramp up.

If you're interested in signing up for this new program, please click here to sign up and we'll get back to you when we have a brand we'd like to match you with!


Please feel free to reach out to the Influencer Team with any questions at, we love hearing from you! 

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