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Calling all Instagram Foodies! Join our contributor program

Updated: May 24

Hi there, from Hometalk.com!

We're a DIY website whose huge audience of 21M users has shown a keen interest in recipes and cuisine, so we listened! We’re excited to announce that the same people who brought you Hometalk are expanding to bring you a new and exciting experience: Foodtalk Daily!

Foodtalk is a diverse community ranging from expert food bloggers to up-for-anything newbies, who all come together to share the one thing they have in common: a love for good food.

Foodtalk is just weeks away from its launch, and we’d love to have you on board as one of our premier contributors. Join Foodtalk as one of our first 100 contributors, and you'll be eligible to join our incentive programs! Share your recipes and experiences with our community, build your brand as a foodie and get more followers on Instagram!

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How it works

You submit full 3 recipes per month to share on Foodtalk. These can be recipes you already have, you just copy and paste! You’ll need to include a photo, and the full recipe including all ingredients and full instructions for the recipes. You’ll have the option to add links to your Instagram post, as well as affiliate links. In exchange for these 3 recipes, we’ll feature one of your posts on our feed, and you'll get to choose from our list of Amazon gifts or a $50 Amazon gift card!

Attached you'll find more information about the program.

Feel free to email me at karaw@hometalk.com with any questions!

Click here to sign up and to get updates about our program!


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