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Hometalk, Inc. Trends Report - July 2022

Summer is here and hot new ideas are abundant! Check out the trending ideas, projects, and materials we've spotted this month that'll help get your creative juices flowing!

Trending on the Hometalk Family of Sites

Here are the trends we're seeing across the Hometalk family of sites that have been creating a buzz and setting the standard.

Hometalk Hits

Organizing Ideas

Organizing never goes out of style, not even during summer break! This post by Lindsey Escalera shows some smart storage solutions that she used in her garage.

Kris from Beautymark Furniture shares how you can add pull out trays to a pantry or cabinet which will for sure be useful in any kind or organization project.

DIY Feature Walls

We've been seeing loads of DIY feature walls on Hometalk lately. There are so many creative ways to add character to ordinary walls. We especially loved this Slat Accent Wall by Facklerreno.

Foodtalk Faves

Picnic & BBQ Treats

Summer is the perfect time for picnics and BBQs so any recipes that fit into these categories are sure to be popular amongst our readers. Take a look at Heather's smoked hot dog recipe that adds tons of delicious flavor to ordinary BBQ hot dogs.

If you're looking for some dessert inspiration, this Summer Berry Trifle Dessert by Jen Svendsen is such a fun addition to family picnics or BBQs.

The Right Way to Make Simple Foods

Our readers love foolproof recipes for foods that they regularly cook but often mess up. Check out Ellen's recipe for her scrambled eggs to find out what secret mixture she uses to ensure her eggs never fail. We want to know all of your best cooking hacks!

Upstyle Stars

DIY Blazer Transformations

We're seeing some amazing blazer transformations across Upstyle lately. Take a look at this one where The DIY Designer thrifted her linen blazer into a unique DIY watercolor fabric.

Pocket Pops

There are plenty of techniques going around to add a "pocket pop" to any plain shirt or top. It's a great way to add a bit of flair to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable shows us how she painted a pocket to fit into the July 4th theme.

Wows from the Web

We’re bringing the best of the web to you this month with trends taking social media by a storm.

Perfect for Hometalk…

Fake High End Large Planters

Now that we are spending plenty of time outdoors, people are loving any ideas for DIY planters. We've seen some gorgeous high end dupes around the web which will be sure to be popular on Hometalk too.

Kathy from Petticoat Junktion shows a great technique to transform any plastic planter to a granite look alike. If you're looking for a different faux stone technique, this tutorial shows a few more ways to create that high end look.

DIY Plywood Flooring

We have also seen some great inexpensive DIY flooring ideas but this plank flooring out of plywood is a trend we'd love to see more of!

Perfect for Foodtalk…

Grilling Hacks

When you're firing up your grill, you are sure to want to know all of the hacks out there to grilling like a pro! Check out this post which covers a lot of great ideas that will make your family BBQs go off without a hitch. Now's definitely the time to share all of your best BBQ tips and tricks!

Copycat Recipes From Popular Restaurants

Dupes are not only popular on Hometalk, now on Foodtalk too! Take a peek at this Tiktok video to see how to recreate Raising Cane's fried chicken. These types of recipes are going viral at the moment.

Perfect for Upstyle…

Styling Linen Shorts

This hot weather calls for shorts of any kind, but we're particularly seeing lots of love for linen shorts. Check out this great video on how to style linen shorts.

Blazers and Shorts Outfit

Readers are also looking for ways to style their blazers and this video is a great example of how to style blazers and shorts. These outfit ideas would be a great way to connect with Upstyle readers this month.

Materials Worth Mentioning

Here's a quick list of items and materials our audience is loving when it comes to DIY projects.

Challenge yourself to creating something new using one of the materials listed below.

  • Concrete

  • PVC pipes

  • Pool noodles

  • Pizza pans

  • Pearls (Upstyle)

Do you have a favorite summer trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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