HometalkTV is now on ROKU!

Big news from Hayley and the HometalkTV team:

We are so excited to let you know that HometalkTV is growing to be even bigger and better! With DIY content seeing explosive growth, we've teamed up with PlayWorks to begin the rollout of the HometalkTV Channel. The first of many launches is ROKU and its 39.1 million monthly active users. Which means that your fans, Hometalk followers, friends, and family can now watch you on their big screens!

We would absolutely love for you to download the NEW HometalkTV channel on your Roku, check out your episodes, and give us a good rating!  https://play.works/roku/hometalk

Here's a quick video of me introducing the new HometalkTV channel [Please don't mind my whispering, it was quite early and I didn't want to wake anyone haha!]

We have more channel and distribution partners for HometalkTV in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned! 

Thanks for being a part of it! Hayley

Want to become a HometalkTV host? Sign up here to apply!

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