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We want to feature YOU on Instagram!

We're closing in on 100k followers on Instagram, and we want to spread the love as a big thank you to the Hometalk blogger community. 

You can now submit photos to be featured on our Instagram account. If you're chosen to be featured, we'll both tag you in the photo, and give credit (linking to your Instagram handle) in the caption of the post.  

You can submit:

  • Photo(s) of a DIY project that you're proud of, old or new

  • Photo(s) of you and/or a family member doing a DIY project

There is no deadline here; you can submit as many photos as you'd like for consideration, whenever you have them, from now until forever :) 

To submit, please send the photo + a brief description of what it is, along with your Instagram handle, to cori@hometalk.com.

*Please note that we reserve the right to edit photos with Instagram filters and other features. If you do not want your photo to be edited, you must indicate it with your submission. Thanks!

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