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Introducing Upstyle by Hometalk

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Do you love customizing and personalizing clothing to fit your style and sharing tutorials with your online communities via your blog or Instagram channel?

Upstyle is the new DIY fashion website coming soon from Hometalk, bringing readers inspiration, ideas and tutorials for creating looks they love to wear. We cover refashioning, sewing, style, jewelry-making and more.

Join our Upstyle influencer tribe as one of our first 100 contributors and be eligible for our exclusive programs.


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About us

Hometalk is the world’s leading home & garden website for DIY ideas you can do. Together with our amazing community of influencers, we leverage our massive digital and social platforms to provide ideas, tutorials, videos, and resources to light that creative spark, show people new possibilities, and empower them to create!

With our influencer programs, our goal is to bring new eyes to your content, through our powerful distribution channels, while helping you grow your brand and following. Learn more about our influencer programs here.

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