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When we said the Follow button was just the beginning, we weren’t kidding! Get ready to increase your following not only on Hometalk, but on your blog and across all of your social media channels!

On every single project page, you’ll now see a link to your blog plus social buttons that will link directly to your social media channels and will easily allow users to follow you on all your channels! To make sure your links are updated, go to your Hometalk profile Settings → Social Links and fill in your relevant links. Once you fill in your links, your profile page and project pages will look like this-

In addition to optimizing our pages to help you grow your following, we’ve also been busy conducting thorough user feedback research on our quest to define the guidelines for a top-performing post on HT. We’ve found that the top-performing posts on Hometalk are those posts that empower users to create. What does that mean? Our users are not only interested in reading about your fantastic projects, but here’s the secret: they actually want to do them. And we want to help you help them create a home they love.

Here’s what this type of post should include:

- Full step-by-step tutorial

- Photos for each step of the project

- Full material list

- A cut list for building projects

- Ingredients and exact measurements for cleaning projects

Creating a project that follows these guidelines will not only help our readers, it'll help you, the Influencers in growing your following. Here’s how:

Posts that include all of the above have:

- More saves with the “I want to do this” button

- Higher engagement

- More clicks over to your blog and/or social media

- Are more likely to be featured on Hometalk’s channels, giving you more exposure

By giving users the full experience of your project, you’ll be showcasing yourself as a DIY expert in the field. Which leads to...yup, you guessed it...more followers.

In case you missed it, here’s the link to fill in those social links, we can’t wait to see them!

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