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March 2022 Trends Report

The days are getting longer, which means more daylight for creating. Looking for inspiration? Let’s talk about the content trends this month on Hometalk, Foodtalk, and Upstyle.


Easter decor is off to an early start, we’re looking for unique and new Easter egg decorating ideas. Kimberly Button discovered one chemical-free way to dye eggs using blueberries and vinegar.

Also trending on Hometalk, designer dupes! Groceries, real estate, and gas prices are all going up so it’s nice to be able to DIY and save where we can. See how Decorate and More with Tip made one of those cute wooden bowl candles for under $5. Equally as cool, those bubble vases are everywhere and they carry a hefty price tag, but check out the dupe Summaya Barry made in less than an hour with just a couple of supplies.

Spring cleaning is around the corner but before you ‘Marie Kondo’ everything you own out of your life try looking for ways to maximize your space. Our editorial team is interested in projects using basic dollar finds as tools to help organize. Sunshine @ SunnyMommy Creations built this easy-to-reach measuring cup and spoon organizer.

A good furniture transformation can change a room.

Unique dresser makeovers like this one from Picked and Poshed are trending. Paint is great, stains are fine, but we’re looking for those really “out there” flips that make Hometalk readers say “YAS, girl!”

You’ve heard of recycle but what about cup-cycle? This project by Craftidly | Dawn Stewart incorporates maximizing space, dollar store supplies and cups! Our editorial team is looking for hacks and inexpensive ways to use cups as part of your projects.


You can start putting away those bulky sweaters and winter boots. Make sure you get a good pedicure because one of the biggest fashion trends is sandal makeovers. Made By Deola used some string and knotting methods to upcycle an old plain pair of sandals into this beautiful pair.

"Prep for Warmer Weather With This Cute Sandal DIY"

Another way to create a beautiful pair of sandals and also upcycle is by using old jewelry. Click here to see how Sew Much 2 Wear sewed beads and stones into her woven sandals. It’s the kind of project you can do with old sandals, a jacket or anything that lets you sew onto it.

"Bored of a Standard Mani? Try This Cute Multicolor French Manicure"

Those bright Spring colors aren’t just for Easter eggs – try painting your nails a new shade! Here is a good manicure tutorial by ImGirlYouDontKnow that incorporates the trending bright color nails.

The sun is a menace when it comes to face wrinkles. Some of the best ways to prevent early aging are protecting your face when you’re outside, that means wearing sunscreen and hats! Show us your fashion from head to toe. If you don’t already own a sun hat, here is Made By Deola's tutorial showing how to make one with just a couple of woven placemats.


"Avocado-Hummus Dip With Spinach Shamrock Tortilla Chips"

St. Patrick’s Day is getting closer, and everyone’s yearning for getting that once-a-year corned beef and cabbage dish just right, making too-cute Irish themed desserts, and of course adding Bailey’s into anything they can get their hands in. St. Patrick’s Day themed posts are striking little pots o’ gold right now! These Spinach Shamrock Tortilla Chips from Mary @ Home is Where the Boat Is are just one fun way to get lucky with thousands of views. Chellie | Art From My Table is also stirring up some buzz with her Naturally Green Shamrock Shake.

Nothing says the weather is turning around and that spring is here more than Easter. While spring may be wishful thinking for some, many people are already starting to plan their Easter menus and activities. This is a great time to get some holiday-themed content like this Bunny Carrot Cake Bites by Emily | emilyfabulous.com.

"Bunny Carrot Cake Bites"

As the weather is getting warmer, people seem to be less interested in baking dishes, and more into protein and veggies. Beach season is just around the corner, and while our readers don’t necessarily want to be hit with diet this and keto that every post, they do want to have healthy options like an Amish Broccoli Salad Recipe from Debi | Our Wabi Sabi Life. Help Foodtalk readers stick to those New Year’s resolutions they made a few months ago.

We hope you enjoyed this month's trends report and look forward to seeing your projects. This post is a broad overview of trends and is intended to be inspiration rather than exact examples of what's trending. Reach out to christina@hometalk.com or amanda@hometalk.com if you have any questions about posting this month.

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