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May 2022 Trends Report

The kids are getting out of school, the weather is getting warmer, and summer is close by. Don’t forget to indulge in some summer self-care whether it is in your garden, out of the kitchen, or with a DIY face mask. Here are the May trends we are seeing at Hometalk, Foodtalk, and Upstyle right now.

Hometalk Trends

With contributions from Tikva Morrow, Head of Content and Distribution

DIY Garden Sprays

The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener in the yard that is taken care of. As we dig into gardening season people want easy and effective recipes for sprays including fertilizers, pest control, and yard maintenance. Look at this Easy Natural Weed Killer by Chas' Crazy Creations.

Low-maintenance Landscaping

Since we’re already outside, let’s discuss another popular trend this month. Hometalkers want to spend less money and time maintaining their lawns and are looking for new and different alternatives to flower beds this season. Look at how Hinda transformed an area in her front yard covered in mulch, now it is green and easy to maintain year-round.

DIY Gravel Garden: Easy & Low Maintenance!

By: Artsy Pretty Plants

Garden Fountains and Ponds

More homeowners are adding some feng shui to their yards by bringing in other unexpected elements like water. This month we're looking for easy, inexpensive, or just plain beautiful garden fountains and water features. Birdz of a Feather has this incredible backyard pond idea using milk crates and a pump!

Foodtalk Trends

With contributions from Nachum Waxer, Senior Content Manager for Foodtalk

Simple, Low-ingredient & Quick recipes

Everyone is a bit tired of cooking right now. They just finished Spring cleaning, hosting Easter, and are trying to save time since kids are about to get out of school. Simple and quick recipes are popular right now. Stacy Ling | Bricks ‘n Blooms shared a Quick and Easy Egg in Muffin Cups recipe that already has over 21,000 views! Readers are also loving recipes they can make without having to go to the grocery store again like these 5-Ingredient Bagels from The Heavenly Bakes.

Cold Pot-luck Salads

Forget about that leafy stuff, the only salads of any interest right now are loaded in mayo, protein, and carbs. People are looking for fresh and innovative ways to make tuna salads, chicken salads, pasta salads, egg salads, and really any type of salad loaded with mayo. Heather Painchaud thinks she knows the secret to The Best Dill Pickle Pasta Salad. You don’t have to be conventional with the word salad; we are also open to salads that double as dessert. Check out this Strawberries & Cream Jell-O Salad by Sweeter With Sugar.

The Best Creamy Broccoli Salad

By: Jen Svendsen| Midwest Life and Style

One-pan Family Dinners

Foolproof one-pot or one-pan family dinners are also a big win right now. Especially if they’re cheesy like this one by Allie’s Plate. The less prep work it takes, the more people will want to try it out. MsModify has a popular One Skillet Sausage Broccoli & Cauliflower Rice recipe that only requires 10-minutes of prep and 20-minutes of cook time!

Upstyle Trends

New Ways to Wear it

Sometimes it’s ok to rewear a piece of clothing, just style it differently! Readers are looking for new ways to wear items like scarves and bandanas. Learn to be more like the timeless beauty Audrey Hepburn with these 6 Elegant Scarf Styles & How to Wear Them by Elena | How to tie a scarf. Scarves aren’t the only thing you can change up with every wear, Janel doubles as a magician with her post on How to Make a Multi-Way Wrap That Can Be a Top, Shorts, or Skirt.

4 Ways to Wear an $11 Silky Scarf to Upstyle a Plain Outfit

By: Eden | crowsfeetinheels

Upstyle Transformations

Creators are sticking true to Upstyle’s name and transforming other things into clothes this month. One of the most popular posts recently is this How to Make a Cute DIY Tassel Skirt Out of 2 Dollar Store Rag Rugs by Confessions of a Refashionista. Using out-of-the-ordinary items is hot. While most bucket hats can cost $20 - $50, this post by Sachi’s Studio shows how to make one with a $4 Walmart Placement.

Nail Hacks & How-To’s

One way fashionistas are keeping it cool this Summer is with their style, specifically on their fingertips. Laurart shows How to Put a Spin on a Classic Manicure Using a Fun French Tip Hack.

How to Make Fake Nails at Home With a Plastic Bottle


There are so many new ways to create nail art, including this DIY trick using cling wrap.

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