So many changes!

Strap in, cause this is gonna be a long one! I'd like to share with you some of the improvements that we've been working on for the past few months, based on your feedback. Our highest priority is to make sure that your relationship with Hometalk is one that provides you with value. Back in March, I sent an email to just over 2k Hometalk bloggers asking a simple question:

One a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend HT to your blogging friends? Why?

Well, the replies came streaming in, and based on your responses, we got to work!

meme cred: Hyperbole and a Half

Here's a list of everything we've done to date to address your specific feedback:

Trendy Topic Changes:

  • The calendar is created according to what we know our readers love

  • The calendar is now done 8 weeks at a time (instead of 4) so you have time to plan

  • You can now submit older posts for consideration

  • There is a special #trendytopics email sent to our users on Saturdays to increase eyes on your posts!

Moderation improvements:

  1. Increased social media comment moderation

  2. Banned some well known trolls who were ruining it for everyone!

Program changes:

  1. Sent a reminder about the Affiliate Program and how to opt-out

  2. Created our first EDU content: 3 part webinar about featurable content.

  3. Got rid of 90 day restriction on the Blogger Traffic Program

  4. Opened our Pinterest Group Boards to new contributors

  5. New Program: The Hometalk Experts Program (increase your traffic!)

  6. New program: Blogger of the month (gain exposure!)

One-on-one chats with bloggers:

  1. Create a personal connection (I'm here for you!!)

  2. Get to the know your pain points

  3. Answer questions

  4. Explain blogger programs


  1. Advanced notice when you are scheduled for your direct feature- ability to optimize post!

  2. Email notice when your Hometalk posts are in the daily email

  3. Linking directly to blogs from "product of the week" instead of the Hometalk post

  4. Blogger card on activity page- stronger CTA to click over

  5. Blogger Hub (yay!)

  6. The blogger dashboard!* Technically this isn't finished yet (It's currently being built, though, so it'll be ready before we know it)


And there you have it!

A little long winded, but definitely #worthit. Of course, we haven't been able to fix everything yet, but I have no doubt this is just the beginning....

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