We removed the 90 day restriction!

Previously, to qualify for the Blogger Traffic Program, you needed to post 3 projects that were quality-score 2 within 90 days; at the same time, you were eligible to qualify once every 30 days.

Based on your feedback, we learned that it was not only confusing trying to navigate the 90 days, but it also didn't take into account that not everyone has the quantity of posts available to qualify at that rate (this was especially true for gardening and lifestyle bloggers). So we made a change!!

Starting TODAY, you can qualify for the Blogger Traffic Program for every 3 QS2 posts- even if those 3 were posted in February, June, and December!

Note: you can still only qualify once every 30 days.

Be sure to reach out with any questions and keep an eye out for some more exciting changes and additions to the program!

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