6 Style Posting Requirements  

Hello, Upstylers! In this post, you’ll learn the simple guidelines for creating an awesome Upstyle post, plus a few extra tips and tricks for getting your post featured in the Upstyle email which goes out to 1.5 million people!


Our goal is to inspire people with ideas and how-to’s that are relatable, innovative, and accessible. Let’s dive in!

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Posting Requirements Expanded

On Topic

We cover a broad range of women’s DIY fashion topics on Upstyle including styling, refashioning, sewing and caring for clothing. Within the style category, you can post about:


  • Outfit ideas 

  • Closet essentials 

  • Trends

  • Styling/shopping tips

  • How to style an item of clothing 

Minimum 3 quality photos


To make your post relatable, photos should showcase clothing being worn by you. Photos can be horizontal (1920x1080) or square (1080x1080). 


  • Do not post vertical images or screen shots from instagram stories

  • No stock images

  • If using flat lay images, limit to one per post

  • If showing a step by step, make sure you have a GREAT after photo


Minimum 180 words


To give readers all of the information they need to replicate your looks, include a minimum of 180 words or more and provide all steps, instructions, or outfit descriptions shown. (The more info the merrier!)


  • Intersperse text throughout the post

  • Do not chunk the text at the top or bottom of the post

Links to clothing items


To make your looks accessible to readers, be sure to provide shoppable links to the clothing items you’re showcasing.


  • You’re welcome to use affiliate links

  • Reward Style widgets currently do not work on Upstyle, but text links do


Tips for getting your post featured 

Our editors scour Upstyle every day and select posts to feature in our daily email. Here are a few tips to know what they’re looking for and get your posts noticed!


  • Relatable: Solves a desire or a need many people have using items that are easy to buy or already owned.

  • Innovative: A new idea or a new way to do something.

  • Impressive: The final look is beautiful, desirable, or the idea is clever and desirable.


We hope these guidelines and tips have been helpful and look forward to seeing your posts! Questions? Please email your community manager, anytime. We love hearing from you. 


Blogger program: nicole@hometalk.com

Fashion contributor (instagram) program: rachel@hometalk.com