Tutorial Style Guide

Formatting best practices:

  • Put your before photo at the top of your post.

  • Make sure your photos are sized properly: 800 px wide and 250 px height.

  • Include text under each photo: your instructions should correspond to your photos.

  • Use proper punctuation and grammar.

  • Use italics and bold to emphasize text, but use it sparingly.

  • Avoid using ALL CAPS or too many emojis to call attention to something. This looks spammy and makes the reader wary about continuing

  • Include all of the materials in the materials section (this is particularly important if you are part of the Affiliate Program).


Photo best practices:

  • Quality matters - avoid using photos that are too blurry or too dark. Try to take your photos in natural daylight! 

  • The best after photos are staged! This helps the reader really imagine that project in their own home.

  • Avoid before photos where the material is from a website

A note about hyperlinks: 

As bloggers, you can include 2 hyperlinks in the body of your post. Please limit the text that you hyperlink to a word or a short phrase. Do not hyperlink full sentences